Thursday, October 31, 2013

Bitcoin for commodities, evaluation of USD, currency projections

Welcome back.  Today's post will cover briefly a recommended technique for using bitcoin for commodities purchases.  I'll also cover the BitPay, Inc.© process for funds settlement, which can be used as another method of diversification.  Finally, there is included here a brief evaluation of the status of the US dollar, and some currency projections.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Introduction to EdgedSolo

Welcome, readers.  This is an introduction to EdgedSolo, a blog I will be running to provide premium content and analyses primarily for the purpose of providing you with cutting edge information on economic, social, and technological developments.  It's my hope that you will benefit from this information, and I look forward to your comments on this blog.

This blog is paywalled using the following tools:  BitMonet and BitPay, Inc.©

I'm going to use this first blog to explain a bit about each.  BitMonet is a relatively new system which enables you to monetize your blog in a way that allows for the acceptance of bitcoin.