Sunday, October 20, 2013

Introduction to EdgedSolo

Welcome, readers.  This is an introduction to EdgedSolo, a blog I will be running to provide premium content and analyses primarily for the purpose of providing you with cutting edge information on economic, social, and technological developments.  It's my hope that you will benefit from this information, and I look forward to your comments on this blog.

This blog is paywalled using the following tools:  BitMonet and BitPay, Inc.©

I'm going to use this first blog to explain a bit about each.  BitMonet is a relatively new system which enables you to monetize your blog in a way that allows for the acceptance of bitcoin.

You can do this yourself in one of two ways -- by inserting code that will soon be available from BitMonet directly into your website, or, for WordPress blogs, by installing the BitMonet plugin.

BitMonet is fully customizable, and provides you with a way to set how many views a reader can have for free before being asked to pay.  It also has an option that allows you to provide the readers with the option of tweeting a link to the post you have authored, after clicking on "article pass," instead of paying for it in bitcoin.  This is an excellent way to enable more readers to view your content, especially those readers who do not have bitcoin yet or are simply curious.  If you like, you can set BitMonet to allow readers to make PayPal © payments to you for any transaction above a limit that you personally set.

BitMonet also allows for customization of the branding and color of the paywall visible to readers, as well as the number of free views you allow the readers.  There are no transaction fees provided to BitMonet, no need to set up an account through BitMonet, and there is the added benefit of same-day payouts in multiple currencies.

A BitPay, Inc.© merchant account is useful to have as a way to deal with multiple payment related issues for individuals and businesses, and it has the added benefit of being capable of dealing with bitcoin.  (With a BitPay, Inc.© merchant account, you can create a BitPay API key that can be used with BitMonet.)  In November 2013, BitPay, Inc.© will have the option to select either a "Professional," "Business," or "Enterprise" account type.  (The present "Starter" option has no monthly fees and collects a 1% fee per transaction, whereas the options coming in November 2013 involve no monthly fees and no transaction fee, for as low as $30.00 per month for the "Professional" option.)  The checkout allows for translation in ten languages, plus English, and as of early October, added 150 currencies as options for the bitcoin checkout.  Exchange rates for multiple currencies are updated every minute, and are posted here.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I'll be posting more information here to help you soon.

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